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Do you make money when people leave your website?

When traffic comes through your site do you want to monetize as much of it as possible? Like most publishers you probably do, and that's great, but what are you currently doing about traffic that's leaving your site without generating revenue? You've spent your valuable time and money getting customers to your site, and now you can still get paid even if they leave without buying!

BackButtonCash offers you an innovative and non-intrusive solution to monetize your site's otherwise lost traffic, so you can still earn money - even when visitors click "Back".


How Back Button Cash Works

  • When a visitor lands on your site from a search engine results page (SERP), they either find what they're looking for or they leave - it's that simple. If they stay, you have a "high earning potential" customer browsing your site, which is your goal. If they leave then they're gone for good, and this passerby "bounce" traffic will typically leave by hitting the back button.
  • When they click the back button they will be presented with our custom search results page of pay-per-click ads, which are all relevant and targeted to their initial search. This page is NOT a popup of any form, simply a page between you and the original SERP that offers the visitor more choices. This way, visitors who wish to skip the ads completely can simply click the back button one more time to go back to their original search page. If they do however choose to click on an ad - you get paid, it's as simple as that!
  • Traffic from sources other than search engines will NOT see our ads - even if they click the back button. These visitors are already "high earning potential" customers for your current products, services, and advertisements, and therefore will NEVER see any form of additional advertising from our system! Only "low earning potential" traffic will see our ads, and be converted into "high earning potential" customers.
  • BackButtonCash does not alter your site's content or existing ad placement in any way, so your current income and relationship with ad networks and customers will remain the same. In fact everything about your site remains the same, except that now when a passerby leaves by hitting the back button, you will get paid!
  • BackButtonCash will not alter your site's search engine ranking (PR value), or SEO efforts. Our system is carefully designed to ensure your current income remains intact while providing you with a completely new additional source of revenue!
  • After signing up you will have immediate access to the code which provides this entirely new source of revenue. So tap into your site's full potential today...it's lost and currently WASTED traffic!

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