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Here’s a typical scenario... 

A consumer searches Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other major search engine for a product or service, and lands on the search engine's results page (SERP). If your page is in the listed results, they click through and visit your site. 

Once on your site, the visitor quickly decides if they want to stay or hit the back button to keep looking. Typically visitors that go "back" are lost for good, meaning that all of your design, content, and advertising dollars have been wasted on this otherwise valuable traffic.

BackButtonCash now offers you a solution to monetize this lost and wasted traffic!

Now when they click the back button, they will be presented with our custom search results page of pay-per-click ads, which are all relevant and targeted to their initial search. This page is NOT a popup of any form, simply a page between you and the original SERP that offers the visitor more choices. This way, visitors who wish to skip the ads completely can simply click the back button one more time to go back to their original search page. Instead of loosing that valuable traffic for good, you can now get paid from their visit!

If a visitor lands on your site from anywhere other than a search engine, BackButtonCash does not activate. Our system is designed to capitalize on the earning potential of passerby "bounce" traffic ONLY, specifically the traffic you get from search engines. A regular visitor will NEVER see any additional form of advertising from our system! Now you can make money from this otherwise lost traffic, while keeping your regular visitors and advertisers happy.

We give you the control you need to tailor this system to your specific needs! BackButtonCash is very configurable, and very easy to adjust. The comprehensive control panel allows you to adjust many variables, ensureing the system runs just the way you want.

This innovative system is:

  • FREE to join
  • Easy to implement (in 30 seconds)
  • Incredibly effective
  • Non-intrusive
  • Very Profitable!


Join the BackButtonCash team today and STOP WASTING TRAFFIC!

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